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Employment relationships are critical to business success, and we have forged a strong reputation in this area through its work with companies of all sizes and types, many local and regional but including high-profile City firms.

Our employment law service is designed to help employers:

  • Create appropriate, fair and effective employment contracts, including director service agreements, restrictive covenants and so on
  • Avoid employment disputes such as unfair dismissal or discrimination claims
  • Manage redundancy and restructuring issues.

If disputes do arise we also offer a specialist employment litigation service, designed to help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your business.

It is a service which covers the full range of potential employment dispute matters, including: compromise agreements; unfair dismissal; age discrimination; sex discrimination; racial discrimination; sexual orientation; maternity rights; gross misconduct; serious misconduct; unpaid notice; unlawful deductions; Section 1 statements; contract of employment; unpaid wages; Employment Rights Act; victimisation; negligent misstatement; and employment reference. 

We also specialise in representing parties at employment tribunals, and in advising on specialist employment issues such as those pertaining to mergers and acquisitions.

Employer Advisor & Protection Service – Fixed Fee

Recognising that employment and human resources (HR) issues can be particularly challenging for businesses of all size, we also offer a fixed-fee insurance-backed HR advisory service designed to manage these issues for your business.

Key features of the service include:

  • Employee handbook
  • Annual audit
  • Telephone advice line (9am-5pm), with follow up written advice
  • Employer training / information on new developments
  • Contracts for new employees
  • Customisable levels of support for disciplinary/ grievances process
  • Insurance to cover: High Court, Employment Tribunal, Employment Appeals Tribunal and County Court awards arising from employment matters (with legal fees also covered by insurance). 

The fixed fee is chargeable monthly and set on a sliding scale based on the overall size of your payroll – designed to be as affordable and flexible as possible, meeting your requirements every step of the way as your business grows. Click here to download the leaflet on our Employer Advisor & Protection Service.


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