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Our services for your business

We offer a comprehensive business law service focused on the specific requirements of the local and regional businesses we serve.

The service embraces everything from corporate structure and finance through to employment law, contract law and litigation, commercial property and property development.

Underpinning this broad business law service is the commitment that whatever their size and whatever their type, all businesses are given equal attention and the same high level of service.

Our approach revolves around achieving practical outcomes and real advantage for your business. Our concern is what is really happening on the ground – what do you need and by when?

Our reporting is concise and clear. Our style, perhaps best described as strong but proportionate, is born of an understanding that avoiding, not encouraging legal conflict typically creates better outcomes for clients.

We are members of the Law Society's Lawyers For Your Business scheme, which particularly promotes the value of legal advice to anyone in or starting up a small business.

Among the reasons our business clients choose us are:

Experienced local specialists you can trust

  • a partner or senior legal practitioner leading our service for every business client
  • personal access to named individuals, all fully qualified and generally with a decade or more of specific business law experience
  • locally based partners and staff with a deep understanding of the region and the companies operating within it (and great contacts across their specialist disciplines)

Approachable and focused on your business' needs

  • a free initial half-hour consultancy for new business clients, to establish not only what you need, but how you need it
  • Key details affecting the day-to-day operation of our service made bespoke for every business client
  • Personalised client contracts establish key details that really matter – what you need, when you need it, how we will charge, how you would like us to communicate with you, and when
  • meetings structured in the way that suits you best and is most appropriate to the matter in hand – perhaps at your office, or ours, or on site at a new building or other commercial venture; perhaps before or after ‘normal’ working hours for example

Affordable and Transparent

  • Competitive rates and outstanding value for money (both are fundamental to the long and enduring relationships we enjoy with our business clients)
  • flexible charging structures to suit your business (fixed, hourly, retained and ‘no win no fee’ agreements can all be used, depending on circumstances)
  • Transparency at all times (so when hourly charging is used, you can be assured of full accurate estimates and regular updates at all times; and for fixed and retained arrangements, what we quote is what we charge, with no bolt-ons and no hidden charges

Dynamic, flexible and responsive

  • a commitment to responsiveness (which is why we aim for same-day acknowledgement of emails and returning any missed calls within 24 hours)
  • rapid 24-7 access to papers and reports through our online Secure Zone
  • ready to work alongside clients who wish to carry out some parts of the legal process themselves, giving advice or carrying out key stages as required
  • a range of specialist packages for common business law requirements or outcomes (such as our fixed-fee small business start-up package, the multiple-pricing packages available on property development sales, and the generous discount we offer on abortive commercial property transactions)

Whatever your business, however big or small, whether well-established or new, we have a proven and effective legal service that can take care of all your legal requirements and worries, leaving you free to do what you do best – to run, manage and develop your business.

To find out how we can help meet your specific business law requirements, click the following links for: company structure and finance, employment, commercial property, commercial relationships, litigation & debt recovery, intellectual property, property development & management, advisory.

Or click here to contact us today.

"I have used this firm for more than 7 years and consider them to be an excellent legal practice for our company, providing a myriad of specialist advice to a very high standard. I would recommend them to anyone – and do!"

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