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Someone is using my trading logo or trading name – what can I do?

Someone has copied my design – what can I do?

Someone has used my written, artistic or creative work without permission – what can I do?

How long does copyright last?

Intellectual Property

We offer specialist advice on all aspects of intellectual property (IP), including trademarks, patents, copyright, design and intellectual property rights.

This is a vastly complex area in which specialist advice can be critical in effectively protecting a client's key business or personal assets.

As well as businesses looking to protect valuable IP assets, our clients in this area include writers and artists whose income relies upon effective protection.

Our service covers a full range of IP matters, including patent infringement, copyright infringement, trading standards disputes, counterfeiting, registered and unregistered design rights, trade mark infringements and database rights.

It is a service which can help whether:

  • Protecting you from breaches of your patents, copyright and trade mark, including passing off, patent infringement and trade mark disputes, or
  • Responding to claims that you have breached someone else’s IP.


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